Three Beautiful Things

  1. dscf0093My lovely niece, who has sacrificed her birthday and Thanksgiving, to come up here to the ends of Canada and help me out while I am sick.  Her lovely, energetic, teenage personality is a joy for our whole household and she will be sorely missed when she goes home again.
  2. My lovely niece tries to be such a toughie, but she is homesick and missing her mommy very much.  It’s so cute to hear her reaching out to her parents, while working to maintain her cool, teenage cover.
  3. Watching my little man intereact with his Auntie.  He has taken to her immediately and he’s usually very slow to warm up.  It’s fun to watch him giggle with her and try and tickle her.  He crawled up on the couch thte other day and put his head down in her lap so she could play with his hair!  That is a phenomenal breakthrough for our little man and I’ve had occasion to wipe a few surreptitios tears of joy as he goes singing about his day with Auntie Tabbie.

~ by byrningbunny on November 28, 2008.

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