Three Beautiful Things

Wubby has been home from work all week and down with a toothache.  In the meantime, my little man has been excited by the recent changes —  christmas trees, lights, presents, many, many plugs that he can sneak away and play with . . .  Overall, you could just say he’s been a typical two-year old at a stressful time of year.  So when he did these next things, it’s enough to melt your heart and bring tears to your eyes.

We had to take Wub to the emergency room for her tooth, and as there was a possibility they would give her a shot for immediate pain relief (my emergency room experience has all been in the states), we piled the kids in the van with us so that I could drive her home.  The dogs always have to come with us too.

On the trip there, Wubby had a few nauseous moments and we had to pull over to the side of the road.  Once we reached the hospital, she and my little man went to the ladies room where he observed her up chucking into a trash can.  When they settled back into the waiting room, she mentioned that she felt nauseous again and he promptly presented her with a trashcan!  What a thoughtful little dude.

As I mentioned, the trip to the hospital was a little stressful.  We have to travel on gravel roads part of the way and that’s not conducive to keeping your mind off your churning gut.  So I mentioned to my little man that mommy was not feeling well and could he please sing her a song to keep her mind off the sickness.  He promptly belted out his version of song — atonic, with no melody or words (he still doesn’t speak), but his intention was very clear and he provided the entertainment all the way into town.  How sweet is that?

This has been a holiday week for wubby and she has taken advantage of her opportunities to sleep in.  Well our little man gets up at the butt crack of dawn (about 9am in our part of the world right now) and the first thing he does is head into our room looking for her.  She sleeps with her feet hanging out of the covers and he thinks it’s hilarious to tickle her feet to wake her up.  It is so adorable that it’s almost worth the lost sleeping in opportunity.

Those are just three of the many beautiful moments we’ve had this week.

~ by byrningbunny on January 1, 2009.

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