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Since “Inspiration” is (or should) the theme this week … what is your reading inspired by?

My favorite type of reading is inspired by rest, relaxation and a trip outside of myself. I usually find myself with a sci-fi/fantasy book (I usually get all in the series at once so I can read straight through) to accomplish this. But lately I haven’t had a chance to do much reading because my two little men are changing and growing so quickly that our schedule is up in the air right now. If I do have any down time, I go for an easy read of intrigue or espionage. I usually find those to be quick and easy reads and better suited to reading until the book falls from my hand and I sleep.

I’ve recenetly tried reading magazines, just so I can get my reading in before bed. That includes Mother Earth News and whatever science, gardening, psychology or DIY mags Wubby grabs for me when she visits the library in town.

At the moment, the most reading I’m doing is research about FASD, Autism, attachment, sleep disorders/sleep solutions for toddlers, adoption, GERD, ages and stages, creative ideas for play and learning, mouth, cheek and tongue exercises for teaching toddlers to speak, crib recalls, new medical procedures, positive supports, cultural opportunities for Cree and Metis children, traditional storytelling books, and traditional spiritual and cultural practices, based in past teachings when the culture was strong, for immersing children in a currently battered and bruised culture without causing significant damage to their little lives.

And honestly, if I’m sitting and there is something within reach or eyesight, I will pick it up and read it!

This is my first time participating in Booking Through Thursday.  Please click the link to see other participants or to find information about participating yourself.

~ by byrningbunny on January 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “Booking Through Thursday”

  1. I so remember those days! Reading anything is an accomplishment when they are little as it is so often difficult to find anything more inspiring than the little one in your arms.

  2. What a nice and unique shot for Skywatch! Last winter I had ice on the inside of my windshield for the first time in my life. I sat there wondering what was taking so long (thinking it was outside) when all of my coworkers’ cars were thawed and long gone lol.

  3. That looks sort of cold. Now doubt the rising sun melted it away …

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