Three Beautiful Things


After the baby gets out of his bath everyday, he gets slickered up with baby oil and vaseline.  He is so ticklish that he giggles the whole time, but his giggles become uncontrollable when I  slicker up his underarms — and it’s adorable.

Speaking of clean babies, I think they need to bottle the smell that comes off his head.  That is the sweetest, and most calming smell, ever.  I will miss that when he hits the little boy stage.

It was my turn to sleep in this morning (which is something of a joke really, because who can sleep when my little man is awake?), and I love lying in bed and listening to the three of them giggling in the living room.  If giggles are happening, the dogs are barking, because they want to participate — of course!  And when everyone is the house is happy, the cats like to start their dragging of clothes up and down the stairs with that awful yowling sound.  So, as I said, who can sleep?  But it sure is nice to be the one lying in bed for a change.

~ by byrningbunny on January 25, 2009.

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