The New Thursday Thirteen #4

The New Thursday Thirteen

Toddler Time Again! Thirteen things that have been destroyed, or broken beyond my ability to repair, for no obvious reason that I can understand. Obviously, I do NOT think like a toddler and do not understand the joy of destruction for destruction’s sake.

  1. Our tv. Our largest tv. Our largest and best tv. He pushed the buttons until they no longer worked. So we used the remote to “child lock” the tv.
  2. The remotes. He has taken them all apart. He throws the batteries into the heating vent. Why? Why? Why? We can no longer get the remote for the child-locked tv to function. Unfortunately, that tv came from a different country than the one we are now living in and the codes on universal remotes are not really “universal” at all!
  3. The covers to the heating vents. He has pried them out of the floor and then literally taken them apart, piece by piece. In case you are wondering how he has time to do these things — he’s quick. He’s very quick. It only takes me a minute to change the baby’s diaper, but he can disappear in the blink of my tired eyes.
  4. The living room lamps. He was obsessed with them. I moved two of them out of his way and put the third in as inaccessible a place as possible. The cord was behind one of those protectors that you screw into the wall. It didn’t matter. He took it apart and broke the bulb so it’s stuck in the socket, which now hangs on by the cord. He’s very quick. Did I mention that already?
  5. His CD player. We had hymns playing in his room all night long on our 5 cd changer. He loves the music and it helps him sleep. But he was obsessed with the player. He can move his crib anywhere in the room and he can climb on anything. So he climbed onto his dresser and threw his cd player down (gentle is not part of his repertoire). Of course he pulled the plug out of it and experimented with the speaker wiring. And then opening and closing the cd drawer is fascinating. Guess what — nothing works anymore! He is so distressed and has no idea why it won’t work. He keeps telling me, “on”, “on.” I keep trying to get him to understand the concept of “BROKE!!!”
  6. He killed a second cd player the same week. He is distressed without his music so we tried again. This one also had a cassette player in it. He had a jolly time with the cassettes and the whole player is now trashed.
  7. His little table and chairs. I don’t quite understand why, but he has to turn everything over. He did it with his electric car (instead of riding it) and he does it with his table and chairs. He picks them up and throws them or bangs them on different pieces of furniture (or pets if they are unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity.) He likes the different sounds. I try and get him to play with the drums, tambourines, maraccas, pianos, etc., that we have for him, but they are apparently boring. So the table leg is broken and I’ve removed the whole set to see if we can salvage it this summer and to keep him from climbing onto anything else that he might destroy.
  8. His dresser.  He can move it from inside his crib.  Let me make this very clear.  He moves his crib, while he is in it, and while he is moving the crib, he also manages to move his dresser.  His dresser is from IKEA and we put it together ourselves.  It has not stood up to the test of the toddler.  One whole side panel has come off the dresser.  (FYI:  his room has now been cleared of all but his bed.  We have been researching beds.  We need a HEAVY and HEAVYDUTY bed for our little destructor.  lol)
  9. Every picture, photo, cross stitch and decoration in his room has been pitched, stomped and taken apart.  He had a grand time ripping apart a picture of Jesus.  So now he has nothing on the walls of his room.  So much for our efforts to make his room nice.
  10. Our new vacuum cleaner.  All of the other toddlers we’ve fostered have loved to vacuum.  He was no different — we thought!  HA  He has pushed the on/off button so much it no longer works.  He has taken both filters apart and he has HIDDEN the attachments.  Lost would indicate that it was a mistake, HIDDEN indicates that it was purposeful.  Just so you know.  He has a  crazy sense of humor and he loves to tease us.  He thinks it is funny.  The first attachment he took apart and threw down the heating vent was the one to clean the pet’s hair off the furniture!  Oh well.
  11. I’ve mentioned all  of the fans he’s broken in the past.  One of the fan pieces he had stashed has reappeared this week. 
  12. My toothbrush.  He thinks it is hilarious to unplug my toothbrush and then try and use it to plug in other accessories.  He unplugs our cell phones, the microwave and toaster oven, our bedroom lamps, the PVR, the  computer, the printer, ANYTHING, and then tries to mix and match the plugs with the extension cords.  We’ve thrown away one toothbrush and one bedroom lamp.  I’ve locked the toaster, blender, can opener and lamps away.  I’ve removed the cords from the microwave and toaster oven.  We purchased a kettle for the stove and threw away the electric kettle after he was done with it.  Does it sound like we are irresponsible?  My spousal unit says I worry too much!!  He’s just a boy.  HA!  He’s a very quick boy.
  13. The last thing ruined recently was not his fault.  It’s the baby’s fault.  Or ours.  We should know better.  Our baby throws up frequently.  You never know when it’s coming, but it a good guess it will be just after you’ve changed your clothes or have put him down on top of something precious.  In this case, our mattress!  It happens to be next door to the bathroom.  That little guy has gotten our bed so many times that our mattress is now beyond redemption.  So, our fault, definitely.

I love these little monsters to death, but they sure do manage to make themselves costly!

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~ by byrningbunny on January 29, 2009.

5 Responses to “The New Thursday Thirteen #4”

  1. omg you must have the patience of a SAINT! I could feel my blood pressure rising reading this…*shudder*

  2. Wow. All. I. can. say.
    Happy TT! Up with WoW in Thornesworld

  3. It must be like living with a tornado!

  4. Trying not to laugh because (as a mom of three boys I know such things) you are in for it as this one gets older! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am actually on high doses of vitamin D and so far it hasn’t made a difference but we shall see.

  5. Great idea for a T13! I’m a mum of 3 boys ho can so relate!

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