Three Beautiful Things


Chinese food!

Did I already mention the giggles of the baby when you tickle him? 😉  Okay, okay. Then I’ll mention how much I love it when the baby smiles at my little man and he grins right back. It is adorable to see him try and tickle the baby. He is not gentle, but he thinks he is doing something so nice since he loves to be tickled so much. Such generosity and thoughtfulness is gratifying for a mom to witness.

The sun is out today and it was five degrees above 0, the last time I checked. We have so many leaks in the house, I think we’d be more accurate to call our roof a sieve! But the birds are having the time of their lives and the squirrels are all running around like mad, and of course, the pets are outside playing! It’s the kind of day that makes you think about your Spring planting and projects — I love it!

~ by byrningbunny on January 30, 2009.

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