Heads or Tails: Three Things

I learned many things this year, so I used my pictures to choose which ones I’d share today.

An important thing I learned was that my little man loves to share!  He’s very generous and helpful with the baby and will even share his soother or bottle when he thinks it’s necessary!


Exploring with my little man is always an adventure.  He’s seeing new things everyday and observing, categorizing and experimenting with all of it.  Spiders, moths and butterflies are a favorite since we have them in abundance.  The best part of the exploration, is of course, getting down and dirty!


Learning new cultures and lifestyles has always been one of my favorite things to do.  Moving up here to a farming community has been an interesting revelation.  I see so many trees cut down to create open space for the large operations and have such mixed emotions about it.  When these trees are cut down, where will the animals go?  And yet, with all the most fertile ground paved over with malls, parking lots and chemical plants and the like, where else can we go to grow the food to feed a hungry world.  And even as I type these words, more pipelines are being laid through those very fields currently used to grow food.  It seems we have ourselves in an awful mess and the people in the position to make informed decisions trade away bits and pieces of our lives so they can get their agenda fulfilled.   Let’s hope President Obama can make a difference in a positive direction for a change.


Heads or Tails on Tuesdays is the brainstorm of Barb.  Go visit her to see what else she is up to these days.  Following the link will also take you to see other participants and their contributions.

~ by byrningbunny on February 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “Heads or Tails: Three Things”

  1. All the photos and your blog writeup are fabulous…I especially fell in love with the very first photo tho…it says so much. Speaks volumes.

    Happy H o T day, My Heads or Tails is posted, hope you can come join me today.

  2. Welcome back to HoT! I’ve missed you!

    It’s so nice of your little one to share. About the second picture.. I always thought a boy covered in dirt is always having the BEST fun! 🙂

    I have many hopes for our country with Obama holding the reins.

  3. I am in LOVE wit that first photo! That is absolutely precious beyond words!

  4. That first photo is adorable.

    I hate seeing trees cut down. I know someone thinks there’s a reason, but still…

  5. aww so sweet, it brings back memories of my sons. my eldest was so so helpful with his brothers. you are blessed.
    such precious babies!

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