Three Beautiful Things

Imprisoned by the cold

Imprisoned by the cold

My little man went to Day Care yesterday. While I missed him and had a twinge about how he is growing up so quickly, I loved the opportunity to spend the day snuggling and playing with our giggly littlest man. We didn’t hear one scream all day long and it was very refreshing!

Having my little man home today has had it’s ups and downs, as he tests his limits and boundaries, but his sense of humor saves the day. He loves to entertain the baby and the baby loves to be entertained. Great combo!

The sun. It’s higher in the sky every day. It was cloudy and gloomy yesterday (a perfect snuggle and reading day), and we didn’t see any sun until a ball of fire dipped below the clouds to set in the West. Which makes the return of the sun today more of an event, and brings awareness to the ever-changing angle of the sun’s rays. I love living someplace you can visibly track the lengthening of days.

~ by byrningbunny on February 10, 2009.

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