Three Beautiful Things


I love to look back at old pix of my pets enjoying themselves.  Zuva is in the lead, with Tora following.  Everyone is always surprised that Tora loves to run — and begs mercilessly each day to go!  Zuva can run like the wind, while Tora just plods along, but of the two, Tora is the happiest doing it.  It makes me happy to see them happy.

My little man brought home his first ever list of kids to bring Valentine’s for — treats welcome.  This will present problems for us, since with his retarded food allergies he can not have milk chocolate.  So, we’ll be making something safe for him to take and share, and I will worry that he may accidentally ingest some evil bits of soy or peanuts or wheat.  Even so, how exciting for him to be stepping out into the world and participating in cultural coming of age activities.  He’s growing up!

Our bathroom is still unfinished, which leaves us with bare wooden floors.  This is very helpful as a replacement for sidewalk cement.  Sidewalk chalk works very well and is a great indoor diversion (as long as your baby brother doesn’t throw up on your artwork!)

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~ by byrningbunny on February 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Three Beautiful Things”

  1. I can still remember putting my Valentine’s into the bags tapped to my classmates desks. Fun!

  2. My daughter had a milk allergy from a year old on. That was a problem, but not as much as what you have to deal with. I hope that other parents are sensitive to this issue…

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