Thursday Thirteen

New Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I investigated on the internet today:

  1. Did you know that your finger length reveals a multitude of things about you? There are many articles about it on the web, both technical and in plain English. Of personal interest to me is the idea that you can predict/know a person’s sexuality by measuring the length of their fingers. To see how you measure up, visit this site. They have pictures to help you visualize what they have discovered.
  2. Iceland has a new Prime Minister and she’s a lesbian!  There is a great deal out there about Johanna Sigurdardottir (read what the BBC has to say) and her rise to the top office in Iceland.  Besides being thrilled that another woman has achieved such a lofty goal, I’d be curious to see a picture of her hands.
  3. President Robert Mugabe, leader (I would say depraved despot) of Zimbabwe, has named Morgan Tsvangirai as the new Prime Minister.  After destroying the country and leaving the people destitute, he has agreed to a “power sharing” deal with PM Tsvangirai.  Read an interesting interpretation of this deal as written by Rejoice Ngwenya of Business Daily Africa in Nairobi.
  4. There are some toddler’s who use gestures at an earlier age than others — there is a correlation between the use of gestures and vocabulary size/later accomplishment.  These are the types of things I spend my time reading, which is one of the reasons I like Science Daily.
  5. My little man has food allergies — nasty, scary allergies that could kill him, but are mostly a royal pain.  He can’t eat any form of milk, wheat, soy or peanuts.  When you were a kid, did your mom ever say to you, “wait until you have kids one day . . . ?”  I was a picky eater and I drove my poor mom nuts.  I’m STILL a picky eater.  My little man would happily eat what everyone else eats, but he can’t, so we have to do all the pickyness for him.  Can you say, “HARD WORK?”  Another reason  I like Science Daily is that they often have stories like this one that I find interesting and which lead to new sites where I can commiserate with other parents and learn new recipes.
  6. Does anyone else think it is strange that two satellites would collide?  It’s not as if there’s a huge traffic jam up there!  Intriguingly, the first hit I got when I looked up satellites collide was The Science Question of the Week:  Can two satellites collide? See what NASA has to say about it.
  7. Have you heard of Yoda the Cat?  He has four ears!  I love to watch my cats use their ears as little radars.  I wonder if he can use all four of his ears the same way?  There is a better picture here.
  8. EarthSky has a list of this year’s upcoming meteor showers!  We have planned to watch the meteors many times, but it’s always been too cloudy — no matter at what latitude I’ve lived.  I’m hoping we have better luck with the weather this year so we can plan a meteor picnic.
  9. The next Great Backyard Bird Count is February 13 – 16, 2009.  Read about how you can participate in this year’s count.  I’m hoping I will be able to participate this year.  My little man loves to watch the birds with me, but he’s awfully squirmy!  He pushes his chair up to the window so enthusiastically that he frequently scares away all of our feathered friends.
  10. As I was reading more about plants and trees for our location, I came upon this article about the Cree people.  I’m always interested when I find new information about the Cree, so I make a note of what I originally typed in:  boreal forest plants.
  11. I have been spending more time researching plants for our location to see if I can find out what was originally here.  It has been interesting for me to realize that most of the sites I’ve found that suggest types of trees and bushes are created by the lumber companies.  Their suggestions are prompted more by quick growth patterns and marketability.  I want vegetation that will be animal friendly!  So, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I usually end up researching plants.  Since we’ve had the babies in the house, we’ve been sleep deprived, so besides frequently being awake, I have to research often because my memory is nonfunctional!
  12. Earlier this week, Zuva rolled in something that stinks to high heaven!  I was curious about why dogs do this, so of course, I googled it.  I didn’t find any answers that satisfied my curiosity, but I did find out that I’m not the only person to ever research this topic!  Many people have been discussing this edifying topic.  Now I just need to find out why they like to sneak tidbits out of the litter box.  Gross!
  13. I was curious last night about which planet is closest to Earth at sunset because it is so bright.  The first thing I noticed was a story about the Earth’s Final Sunset.  I don’t remember seeing this story before, so I got sidetracked.   And it looks like Venus is the planet I’m seeing that is so bright.

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~ by byrningbunny on February 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. what an interesting list!!! Ironically, I just shot a pic of my finger…and my first finger and ring finger are the same size on my right hand, while my ring finger is slightly longer on the left hand.

    3 inches

  2. Isn’t it amazing what you can find out there?

  3. Not only am I pleased that a lesbian can become Prime Minister but I am also very pleased that the Icelandic people don’t even think it is a big deal. Unlike in a curtain other country I could mention, where the notion that a politician has so much as had a gay thought at some point in his life will send the conservatives and the religious right into screaming hysterics!

  4. What a great list!! I love smart lists and I adore smart people! (not to mention you have excellent taste in blog themes. LOL)
    I’m asking TT#26- A Lil Too Straight? today.

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