Photo Hunt: Nautical

Photo Hunt

Almost Nautical!


Here’s Tora looking for tidbits on the beach.  It wasn’t long before she was in the water.

This is the closest we’ve come to anything even remotely nautical since we’ve been up North. We were celebrating Canada Day (July 1st) with some friends at one of the many lakes nearby and the group next to us had boats! My impressions of the day: the air was cold, the water was cold, and the place was full of Hutterites or Mennonites (I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know the difference). I noticed them because the men were all in bathing suits and modern clothes, playing with boats, jetskis and other expensive toys, while the women were dressed from head to toe in old fashioned dresses and doing all the work. They were lugging the large, heavy coolers of food, setting up, bringing in the “toys” for the men, etc., while the men and boys played. I was appalled at what I was watching! I’m amazed to realize that there are communities who live in the “civilized” world in such vivid and obvious inequality and it is apparently ok with the women.

Of on a tangent, as usual. Anyway, that’s my most recent brush with anything nautical.

Thanks for keeping us challenged TNChick!

~ by byrningbunny on February 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Photo Hunt: Nautical”

  1. Maybe if you are raised to believe that is the way things are supposed to be you can learn to live with it. Having grown up in the 60s with independence and equality, it just wouldn’t work for me. I invite you to come see my post. The cruise I am sharing was from Canada Day last year. Here in Coastal BC it is a good time to get out on the water, before all the big American boats arrive. – Margy

  2. There are boats in the upper left hand corner and there is sand so this is definitely nautical. You’re right about some of the themes being a real challenge.

    Here is mine:
    JyLnC’s Photohunt

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