Three Beautiful Things


I know that ONE DAY it will be my turn to sleep again!

While we were “living” at the hospital, the nurses and staff could not have been more helpful or accomodating.  They went out of their way to explain everything being done to the boys, and why it would help in this situation, and then were incredible in the way they dealt with our sick and grumpy boys.  My little man went a little stir crazy on the second day and figured out that his IV was on wheels.  He was a holy terror that day and all they said about it was, “that’s a good sign.  It means he’s getting better!”  These woman were dealing with ill and dying people, were understaffed, and of course, overworked, and they were still kind and thoughtful.  It takes a special kind of person to be a nurse and I’m thankful that they have them in our hospital.

It’s so hard to watch these little guys cough to exhaustion, but I KNOW intellectually that it is a good thing.  It will help them move the mucus out of their lungs (and onto me) where it can be cleaned up and gone forever.  This whole experience has caused me to think of the parents whose children have dieseases that make this a daily occurence.  UGH!  My heart just goes out to them!  It is heart-wrenching to watch you child struggle like this.  My prayer for all those parents out there with children struggling chronically is that they have a strong support system to help them through it all.

~ by byrningbunny on March 1, 2009.

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