Thursday Thirteen on Sunday

New Thursday Thirteen

Last Friday, I spent the day:

  1. Moving out of our hospital room!  I had so much stuff from home that it took me 3 trips to the van, and we were only there for 3 days!
  2. Packing the kids to the car.  In the process, I managed to lose my little man’s snow boots.  (No worries, the super nurses have already located and returned them.)
  3. Checking out of the hospital, while my little man enjoyed the last minutes of flirting and snuggles with the nurses and the baby SUFFERED through his last in-hospital breathing treatment.
  4. Rushing straight to A&W, not for the frosty mug taste, but to see if my little man would eat some french fries.  While he was in the hospital, he was given a roast beef sandwhich for EVERY meal (on yucky gluten free bread.)  He never eats sandwhiches at home, and he sure wasn’t about to begin while he was in the hospital 🙂  I knew my worn out boy was on the road to recovery when he ate the fries.  The baby eyed the fries longingly, so my little man “shared” them with the toothless wonder.  How sweet was that?
  5. We visited Wubby at work to hear about some excitement in her day and to recruit her help in getting meds.
  6. Picking up the boy’s meds took hours, so we didn’t get to enjoy much time with Wubby, and had to leave before the prescription was filled.
  7. Driving my boys home while trying my best to keep them occupied for such a long time.  They were miserable and kept me loudly updated!
  8. Arriving at “sweet home, sweet home” (thinking of my girl Sierra) to be greeted by my lonely dogs and cats.  What a ruckus they made!  My little man woke up for a minute as I carried him up the stairs to bed so he could greet everyone.  He is so sweet sometimes!
  9. I dragged everything from the van to the house and began to unpack, as my boys napped. 
  10. I began to clean the house.  I hate coming home to a dirty house — especially dirty laundry.  Why do things get so out of hand when everyone is ill?
  11. I woke my boys to pack them back to the van.  I also included the dogs on this trip.  We headed back in to pick Wubby up from work.  We’d only had one car in town all week, so she was temporarily stranded.
  12. Once we had Wubby, we went back for the meds.  She came out of the pharmacy carrying two boxes of junk! 
  13. We then headed off to pick up mail, presents for our boys and dogs and food for dinner!

I sure was happy when that day ended.  We did so little, but we’re so worn out and ill that it feels like we moved mountains.  Worst of all, Gray’s Anatomy and Survivor did not record!  Ugh.  I wonder if the boys can ever understand the sacrifices we make for them? 😉

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~ by byrningbunny on March 1, 2009.

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