Three Beautiful Things

Last night we were hanging around in the kitchen while I made dinner.  The baby was in his Tiger bouncer, which he enjoys, and my little man had discovered a large plastic box full of clean linens and his old shoes.  He spent an enormous amount of time trying to break (I’m sure he would say “understand”) the handles off, but then just settled down to playing with the contents.  He was so fun and curious and a joy to watch, so the baby and I did just that!

At one point in the evening, he grabbed his Rykrisp (flatbead made out of Rye that he can eat and loves to eat with marmite) and doled out one piece for the baby, one for him.  He was confused that the baby wouldn’t take the second piece in his other hand and kept trying to encourage him.  Then he sat on the steps and “taught” the baby.  Who knows what the conversation entailed, but I could tell from his intonation that a lesson was occurring.  The baby just jabbered right back and they had a wonderful time together!  It was adorable and one of those occurences that bring tears to your eyes.

During his exploration of the box, he decided that he needed to mash my big feet into his tiny little baby shoes.  He was very patient as he attempted to cram every toe in and then attach the velcro closures.  He wasn’t worried that the rest of my foot was hanging out, just the toes needed to go in.  At some point, he became fascinated with my toenails and started telling me a story about them.  His stories are a little difficult to follow, since he still doesn’t have many words, but I still find them fascinating.  And really, who wouldn’t find my toes fascinating?

~ by byrningbunny on March 2, 2009.

One Response to “Three Beautiful Things”

  1. and I thought you were going to blog about how beautiful it was to wake up and not have to do breathing treatments on EITHER boy and to have a quiet house!

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