Heads or Tails: Getting There

Heads or Tails Tuesdays

We vacationed in Maine once and happened to ask a kindly man for directions.  We cracked up at his exaggerated Maine accent and  reply of, “you can’t get theyah from heyah.”  While I was out with the dogs today, this week’s  prompt tickled that little memory.  The sun was setting, and I thought the sun was “getting there” because the colors are pushing ever further into the Northwest sky each day.  Not only does this mean that the seasons are changing and the days are getting longer, it means the angle and quality of the light has also changed.  This has allowed me to see all of the animal tracks on the snow and shown how they “get theyah from heyah.”


I recognize the ruffed grouse and dogs tracks, but here are other unidentified tracks that I’ve spent some time researching.  Obviously not enough (uninterrupted) time, or I’d be able to share the identification with you!




These tracks were taken by this beaver pond. From the number of new tracks, there has obviously been much recent activity.  I drive by the pond daily, as the dogs run on our carefully groomed and plowed gravel (packed snow and ice now) roads.


They decided to participate in all of this activity recently, and went charging into the field from the road.  This is how far Zuva got, before she realized the snow was much deeper out there than on her nicely groomed road.


Obviously there was no “getting there” for her!  She struggled just to turn around and get back to the road 🙂  So that was about an hour of my week spent studying how others “get theyah from heyah.”  I am so looking forward to tramping these trails this Spring and showing my little men that you can “get theyah from heyah!”

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~ by byrningbunny on March 4, 2009.

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