Three Beautiful Things


  1. Who leaves tracks so lightly in the snow?  How do they do it?  I sink down until the snow is over the top of my knees (hence, my boots!) if I try and traipse out here.  So I am intensely curious how these creatures manage to leave such neat trails in such deep snow.  My dogs leave very distinctive long drag marks (Tora is only a teeny bit overweight.)

  2. My little man was in day care today, the baby actually took a nap, and I had an opportunity to grab the camera and go outside!  Yippee!!  Hah!  It was FREEZING out there and I only put on my hoodie.  The news said it was supposed to go from -28C last night to -5C today, so I didn’t even bother to check the thermometer.  Silly me.  I still stayed out as long as I could stand it, because it was so nice to be outside with the pets.
  3. Sun, sun, sun.  It’s a beautiful day and the sun is shining in all the windows.  The house smells like steak and potatoes.  It’s Friday night.  Wubby and my boy are grabbing the milk and the mail on their way home.  The baby is snoozing on my shoulder and all the pets are crashed close by.  What could be better?

~ by byrningbunny on March 6, 2009.

One Response to “Three Beautiful Things”

  1. I always am curious about tracks as well. Who made them, will they walk by when I am here, on and on and on.

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