Three Beautiful Things


  1. The pile of laundry is getting smaller and smaller since the boys first got so sick!  Whew!  Dirty laundry is so depressing and the darn cats just love to drag it all over the house, so we are constantly picking the same thing up over and over again.  Hey, that sounds like hanging out with my little man!  😉
  2. It is very cold  today, but Zuva is out front barking at something.  She is so cold, she keeps lifting one foot off the ground and then the other, but she won’t come in and stay in.  I went outside to lend my support and see what was bothering her.  I couldn’t see a thing, but she wanted me to go over to the trees with her.  She was so funny.  She kept going forward and then would stop and make sure I was walking with her.  I guess that indicates that whatever, whomever, is bothering her, I’m  meaner than them and could protect her!  lol
  3. We are having gluten free hot dogs for supper.  I hope my little man enjoys them because they weren’t easy to find.  But I did find them and the butcher was a kind and thoughtful man and his staff were all so helpful.  That hasn’t been my shopping experience in a long time.  I wonder if the economic crisis will bring customer service back to the forefront?

~ by byrningbunny on March 9, 2009.

One Response to “Three Beautiful Things”

  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! I like this idea of three beautiful things. Will now go away and think about making a post. There are so many beautiful things in Christchurch (plus, as I’m new I see the things that others take for granted!)

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