Ten Things I Won’t Miss About Winter




  1. The cold!  It was -38C when we started the van this morning.
  2. Ice everywhere.  On the roof, just outside the doors, on the windows.  Slipping on ice.  Icy roads.
  3. Pulling snow off the roof so it doesn’t turn into heavy ice and then melt, then drip, into my ceiling.
  4. The closed up smell of the house.  Having the heater running constantly.  Humidity in the basement, but nostril and skin drying lack of humidity everywhere else.
  5. Bundling the boys up everytime we have to leave the house.  Fighting with my little man to put on his snowsuit and GLOVES.  Why does he hate gloves so much?
  6. Getting our vehicles stuck in snowbanks or on icy roads.  Whether digging out ourselves, always on the coldest, windiest day of the year, or waiting for someone to come and pull us out, it is a pain!  So far, the kids have never been with us during these adventures, but it’s a constant worry for which I’m always trying to be better prepared.  As if that’s possible. 
  7. The dark  and the very short days.
  8. Finding really fascinating activities to occupy my little man when it is too cold to play in the snow.  He likes to sneak out and shovel the snow, but he has no concept of how cold it is. He prefers to use OUR shoes when he sneaks out, but he can’t maneuver them back over the doorsill, so our shoes are always wet and freezing.
  9. Remembering to plug in the vehicles when we come home.  Remembering to UNPLUG the vehicles before we drive away in the morning!
  10. Taking the trash out.  First to the back of the truck, then to the dump.  Taking things out to the burn barrel and trying to get the fire going in the cold.  Picking up the trash that the dogs have gotten into because the truck wasn’t home.  I can’t take it outside to get it away from the dogs because it will attract wild animals.

Bonus:  THE WIND!  Brrr.

There are many little inconveniences to winter, and I’m still learning all the tricks to living in this climate.  Notice I didn’t say shoveling the snow?  Now that the snow plow does most of one half of the driveway, I like to keep the paths and porches shovelled.  It’s good exercise and the only time I don’t enjoy it is when we have a cold period after pulling snow off the roof.  If you don’t shovel the snow immediately, you have a huge mountain (okay, a hill) of ice on your porch.

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~ by byrningbunny on March 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ten Things I Won’t Miss About Winter”

  1. Specially the looong and dark days

  2. Great answers

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