Three Beautiful Things


Winter sunrise through the birch trees

  1. Sleep!  The boys are away this weekend so we have been sleeping and sleeping!  It is so nice to actually take time for yourself, for a change, when you are sick.  All of the foster kids have always arrived with colds, or gotten them immediately after arrival, so we spend all of our time taking care of them.  But we also catch all those darn colds and illnesses ourselves!  🙂  So it is one of the most beautiful things, ever, when we get a chance to put our worn out, fluey bodies to bed for a weekend.
  2. The return of my computer.  Not that it physically went anywhere.  Just that sometimes it has a mind of its own and is unavailable to me.  I was doing so well with posting everyday, so I was NOT happy when it stopped working on Thursday night!  But, it does make me appreciate it that much more when it returns.
  3. The bed covered with pets.  When the boys are gone, the old ladies come out to boss everyone around.  Our shy boy, Sadie, sprawls his huge body where ever he pleases, because he knows he’s safe from the explorations of our very rambunctious toddler and a newly backwards sort of scooting (it does not resemble crawling in any sense of the word) baby.  And the dogs feel like it’s their turn to be the babies, so they are a little more demanding of our time.  Since we’ve been lounging with the PVR and our books, they’ve all been in there with us, and it is wonderful.  I love it.

~ by byrningbunny on March 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Three Beautiful Things”

  1. A great three! Sleep with the pets is nice, and so is some quiet time.

  2. Gorgeous photo! Sounds like some cozy beautiful things…

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