Three Beautiful Things


We made a decision, a long time ago, that we wouldn’t be the kind of parents who call every few minutes when the kids are gone.  So we don’t call.  We speak of it often, but we don’t call.  🙂  But we do miss them.  Their return home Sunday night was a wonderful reunion.  We could tell that they had missed us, and we had obviously been missing them.  Holding our chunky little baby just relaxed me in ways I didn’t know I needed to relax.  Sometimes I feel guilty that we need to have a little break, but then small things happen to tell me that maybe the boys need this too.  My little man had been given a treat of root beer on the way home.  When he was in the house and settled, he brought his root beer, took the lid off, and tried to share it with the baby!  He is just the sweetest kid ever and I think having them go places together, but without us, makes them more of a team or unit in his mind.  And I think that is beautiful.

The pets have been cute since the boys have returned.  Usually they all run to their preferred warm, cozy and hidden places when my little man is home —  we can call him el destructo.  The cats kind of like him, but they don’t trust what he will get up to next.  They are very smart.  But this time, they are still happy to have him home, so they haven’t all dispersed yet.  It’s kind of cute they way they are giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Sunlight.  The sun is up when we get up and it’s up when the boys go to bed.  I know we technically only have a week of winter left, but it’s still snowing and snowing and -18C right now.  So the light is a wonderful gift (so long as you don’t have to drive very far!)

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~ by byrningbunny on March 16, 2009.

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