Three Beautiful Things


  1. Yesterday, my little man was in a helpful mood.  While I was in the standing at the kitchen sink, he came screeching in from the living room.  Plop!  He dropped the camera into the full sink of soapy water!  Ai yi yi.  The beautiful part?  He really does have excellent intentions!  And the camera still works.  It took the above picture.  We have automatic focus (boo hiss), so I was fighting with the camera to get the shot I wanted.  If you look closely, there are white spots.  They are not snow, as I first assumed (we had snowfall yesterday.)  They are the new catkins already bursting out for the season.  I don’t know how they survive this wacky weather, but apparently they do.
  2. Speaking of snowfall, they plowed our driveway this week.  The very first thing we noticed?  Someone else did it this time.  Have you ever noticed how we have a signature way of doing our work?  As I was pondering this today, it reminded me of the old morse code operators and how they each had a unique “signature”, or clearly  identifiable pattern or input method, that revealed who you were working with if you had any familiarity with the operators at all.   These thoughts were prompted by the sloppy job done on our driveway.  The snowplow came straight in and straight back out.  He never made the turn to the part of the driveway where the cars are kept!  This means we have deep snow directly behind the vehicles.  That’s not very helpful to us, as you can imagine.  But, it is also clearly and distinctly different from our usual operator’s style.  He is a perfectionist and always leaves us a path for entry and exit and even a place to turn around.  All of this just made me think today that I hope my style is identified like the first snow plow person and not the second.  I think it’s important for us all to take pride in our work, no matter what we do, and I think it is a beautiful thing when a person’s work can be identified by how well it is done.
  3. My little man pulled his curtains off the window (el destructo at work again.)  I wasn’t able to fix them, so he took a very brief nap at his usual bedtime, woke up when I returned with the dogs from their run, and then spent the time until the sun went down jabbering to himself.  He tried to engage us — one of his favorite things to do is yell back and forth up and down the stairs!  I went up when he said the magic words, “MaaMaa”.  That’s the word for “help” in his limited vocabulary.  He decided that it was worth a diaper change just to have company.  So we chatted for a while and he shared all the new consonant sounds he’s learning and tickled me and played peek-a-boo.  What a joy it is to interact with him when he is not screaming in frustration.  He has such a generous and loving personality and sometimes I get that feeling like I’m just going to burst with the love I feel for this little man.

Be sure to visit the original Three Beautiful Things site and while you’re at it,  Wubby shared a different perspective than mine in her 3BT.

~ by byrningbunny on March 18, 2009.

One Response to “Three Beautiful Things”

  1. Thanks for sharing these. Your little guy is quite the companion! He sure keeps things hopping. What fun! I didn’t know that about Morse Code operators; thanks for teaching me something.

    Phew! I am glad the camera made it.

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