Three Beautiful Things

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend one of the most informative workshops I’ve even been to.  Of all the things I learned, one segment has resonated continuously since we left.  As it was explained to us, the role of the infant (his task or responsibility in the family unit) is to bring joy.  As parents, our role (task/responsibility) is to make sure he is warm, safe and healthy, so that he can perform his task. Check — we are doing one thing very well.   The role of the toddler is to make sure the family is safe!  So it is his responsibility to check for exposed plugs, wires, stray knives, etc.  They also do things like pull down curtains, break tv’s, find the cords for every electrical component in your home and break lamps!  This is their task or responsibility.  They do it any way they can and quite enjoy their responsibility.  Our role, then, is to pay attention when you have an extra vigilante toddler who goes above and beyond!  So, we have begun to THANK HIM when he shows us how easy it is for him to access these things that we, in our ignorance, have been certain were toddler-proof.  We obviously do the infant part very well, but are lagging on the toddler part.  😉  It is incredible to hear a truth spoken and have it said in such a way that you can receive it and move forward.

Another gray and gloomy day.  I revved the engine and raced backwards to miss the spot we had gotten stuck in the day before.  Guess what?  It was a gray and gloomy day.  I was unaware that the wind had been blowing and it was snowing all night (weather channel said above 0 temps–duh, when will I learn to look for myself?)  The side of the driveway I aimed for had been drifted over, but I couldn’t see it in the gloom and glare of the overcast and blowing skies.  So the beautiful thing (after being stuck three times in one week?), our AMA card!  That’s a Triple A card to Americans.  The guy is always so helpful and sweet about it, even though I feel like an idiot for needing help.

Our little man is eating like a vacuum cleaner.  He has stretched out so much that I’ve been worried about him being too skinny.  But he’s making up for lost time!  He does not stop eating all day!  That’s a little challenging for us, considering his dietary restraints, but a beautiful thing to his worry wart mommy.

~ by byrningbunny on March 20, 2009.

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