Observance of World Day for Water

Green Thumb Sunday


In one of the workshops we attended last week, presented by an Elder of the Cree people, one of the topics discussed was water.  She shared with us the Cree teaching that women share the responsibility of keeping the water safe/clean because water is life.  Eagle’s Earth: Cree & Ojibway Centre have more on this topic. As many things she shared with us, this was a new idea to me, in the context of this teaching, but easily understood and accepted.  It was one of the many ideas that kept Wubby and me in animated conversation, all the way home,  especially in light of the attempt to remove water rights from landowners and give them to the oil, gas and nuclear power companies.


Then I read that today is World Water Day!  I’d  never heard of that before.  Had you?  I love the idea of a day to remind the world of our transboundary waterways and our obligations to one another to keep the water clean.  If you click the above picture of the puppies and one of our adorable kids playing in the melting snow (taken in 2006, the snow is coming down heavily as I write, not melting), it will take you to the UN Resolution declaring March 22 as World Water Day.   Unesco has also made a page of links that would be interesting (stuff like this IS interesting to me) to peruse.

2006-april-9-163Since we’ve moved to Canada, I’ve become ever more aware of water and what it’s like to be deprived of it.  I’d never even considered the idea that people actually have water delivered to their homes, especially not in a region of the Earth with so much water.  But relying on the delivery, and experiencing the inconvenience of the late or delayed delivery, has opened my eyes to many things!  🙂  I don’ t like going without the convenience of my water.  I don’t imagine anyone else would either and I feel the need to find a way to share our water with those in distant lands who are suffering from the lack of water.

People aren’t the only ones who rely on the clean water.  The plants and animals all need it too.  The region I currently live in is both a flyway and nesting area for many different species of birds.  It is also the home to a wide variety of wild animals and rodents.  My pets love the wide open spaces and waterways, and they love to pretend they are great hunters when they see the birds and wildlife.  I feel immensely privileged to live in such a beautiful place and to be a daily witness to the cycle of life.  Remember, water is life.   If for no other reason than we need the plants and animals for our own survival, then we need to be aware of the water systems, how they work and how to protect them.


~ by byrningbunny on March 22, 2009.

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