Three Beautiful Things


  1. It makes me sad to see all of these old grain sheds falling into disrepair.  They are everywhere, so we see them constantly.  I always wonder about the people who built them and why they just left them to fall down, instead of using them as playhouses, forts or storage.  Whatever the reason for abandoning them (besides the fact that metal is just much more practical for keeping the weather and rodents out of the grain), I love to photograph them, in all their different angles.
  2. My little man was able to communicate which song we should sing on the way home from town by humming and clapping.  Now what song do you clap to when you aren’t singing?  Why, Bingo, of course!
  3. My little man is busy this morning.  He’s singing a different song this morning and has already swept the kitchen floor.  He’s hard at work on the living room.  He convinced me to untangle the vacuum cord (which he will have hopelessly entangled within minutes), and is now humming to himself as he makes himself a new necklace out of the suitcase strap.  I LOVE it when he is “singing” to himself.  I LOVE it when he is a happy fellow.  🙂

~ by byrningbunny on March 24, 2009.

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