Three Beautiful Things


  1. We have had fresh strawberries twice since the weekend!  And they were very good.  The first time we had them, Wubby prepared them for us.  That is a wonderful treat.
  2. I have called the towing company so many times this month (yes, again today I had to call them because of the mess we call our driveway) that we are now on a first name basis!  He is so sweet about it, but he must think I am such a dork!
  3. Speaking of kindness (and I was), I had another reminder this week of living in a small town.  I had the boys with me the other day to get their medicine.  It took a while, so my little man started behaving like a two year old.  After all the time in the store, and clearing up the incorrect insurance cancellation (imagine my surprise at that one! :(), when it was time to take the boys to the van, I put the cart by the door and carried them both out at once.  It took a while to get my little man to settle down and strap him in, but I thought all went very well.  Until I was at the grocery store, putting away the shopping bags, and noticed there were no bags from the pharmacy.  Uh oh!  I zipped back to the pharmacy but they had already closed (town locks up tight at 6pm.) They don’t have an answering machine either, I tried.The next day, I called about my bags and they were very sweet.  I was told to come on in, they knew exactly who I was.  When I walked in the door, one of the clerks recognized me immediately.  She went to get my bags, offered to put them in my car, but instead watched the boys while I ran the bags out!  When I went to check-out, at least three other women asked me if I had gotten my bags!  Okay, I was a little freaked out that all of them knew who I was.  This living in a small town stuff is very new to me and I tend to be oblivious to my surroundings most of the time.  So it is always weird to realize that people know me and take notice of my actions.  But the beautiful part of it?  They were all so kind.  And as I walked out, one of the women was talking to me and said she was going to bring the bags to my house, but they weren’t sure of exactly where our house was!  Wow.

~ by byrningbunny on March 25, 2009.

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