Three Beautiful Things


  1. I tried to take a picture of the blowing snow.  If you look by the fence, you can probably see it.  Although the sun is staying with us much longer every day, it is still windy and snowy.  The beautiful thing about this picture is that I had the time to stop, get down on the icy road and take the pic!  I’d never have done that if I had the munchkins with me.  I’d worry that my little man would drive off without me (or over me!)
  2. When the boys came home from the babysitter’s, it was so nice to be rested and refreshed.  I was happy to say, “thanks” to my little man for pointing out more ways for us to childproof our home.  And it felt so good to heft the baby and snuggle into his little (actually roll upon roll) neck!
  3. The “baby”  will be nine months old in a few days!  It is amazing how time flies.  It is a beautiful thing to see how happy and healthy he is.  He is flourishing and blooming with happiness and joy.  My little man was so happy to see him this morning and they just giggled and giggled together.  That is truly a beautiful thing.

~ by byrningbunny on March 30, 2009.

One Response to “Three Beautiful Things”

  1. what a surreal sight for someone from the equator.

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