Three Beautiful Things


  1. I remember a time when we would laugh at our married friends who had children, and sort of write them off as friends, until after their kids were in Jr. High. We all sort of agreed that they were BORING because all they did was talk about their kids! It’s a little ironic that here I am, at a ripe old age, talking about my kids! The beautiful thing is: nobody has to read about them if they don’t want to! 🙂
  2. My little man has gotten into the routine of daycare and really seems to be enjoying it. Because I’m out of town, I’m not usually the one to pick him up. For some reason, the past few pickups have been by me. This has been a wonderful experience for me because he is thrilled to see me! He grins from ear to ear and wants to be held, just as soon as he’s showed me every open door (and closed them), and every light switch (and turned them all off), and I just love it! Previously, Wubby has always been the one that he’s been thrilled to see. He’d be stuck all day with me, and her coming home was a treat. It’s nice to be the “treat” for a change!
  3. Due to more mechanical difficulties with Tinky-Winkey (that would be Wubby’s truck), we were both in town to pick up the boyo today. So when we reached our MUD road, and let the dogs out to run, my little man thought it was great fun for us to drive next to each other and wave! He was also rolling down his window and calling the dogs. You would never know he was saying, “Tora”, if you happened to hear him, but she knows he’s calling him and it’s adorable. He is so much fun, and such a tease. His world gets bigger every day and it is so cool to be a part of it.

~ by byrningbunny on April 1, 2009.

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