Three Beautiful Things


Waking up naturally!  I remember those days of yore.  Slowly awakening, buried under the weight of warm blankets and cats, keeping my eyes closed as long as possible, remembering my dreams, planning my day, and slowly stretching awake and extending a toe to test the outside temperature.  I’m absolutely positive that I would like to experience that again one day and that it would be a beautiful thing!  🙂

Going out to eat with a two year old!  Really.  The picture above shows how we have to clear the table to keep everything safe from him and sometimes it drives me nuts, honestly.  But for the most part, it is a great experience to share his firsts.  Everyday is an adventure of discovery to him and I love being able to see things through his eyes.  I just with my eyes weren’t so sleepy!

The baby is turning into a little person and trying to do things on his own.  That means  frustration has entered his life.  The poor little guy has been sick for a long time and is now teething seriously, so he’s a little grumpier than we’ve ever experienced before.  All of which makes it even more beautiful when I have to give him a breathing treatment and he settles in my arms and falls to sleep when I sing to him.  (If you’d ever heard me sing, you’d understand just what a miracle that truly is!)

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~ by byrningbunny on April 5, 2009.

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