Meow Monday


This is a picture of our dog Mukiwa and our cat Gina.  Muki was the first “child” that Wub and I had together, so I thought that today, one of the anniversaries we actually remember, would be a good day to reminisce.  Muki left us three years ago this month, but I still think of her everyday — especially at this time of year.

This picture was taken the night before she passed from us.  She had her chewie on our freshly washed duvet (see the paw prints from her time outside?)  As a puppy, when we were crate training her, we would give her a treat before we left.  She always saved it until we came home, then she’d eat it with us there.  The treat you see on the bed, she had carried with her all day and saved it overnight, even though we were with her constantly, so we had it cremated with her.

When she was still with us, she was in pain constantly.  Her hips were worn away from injuries she’d received before we met her.  We didn’t find out about them until it was too late to correct the damage, and the resulting pain.   I’ve always believed that Gina snuggled into this position because she was trying to be a human (ok, feline) heating pad for our Muk, to alleviate her pain and provide her some comfort, and not just because she was a cat looking for the warmest and best spot for herself.

Cats are frequently maligned as selfish characters, yet my experience has been that of the above picture.  I have felt so fortunate to have my companions for the last 19 years and think that everyone could benefit from such loving and thoughtful family members.

~ by byrningbunny on April 6, 2009.

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  1. Looks like my Morgan!

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