This prompt reminded me of a song that has been on my mind lately, “Oh, My Father.”  It was one of my favorite hymns and there is a stanza that goes:

I had learned to call thee Father, Through thy Spirit from on high,
But until the key of knowledge Was restored, I knew not why.
In the heavens are parents single? No, the thought makes reason stare!
Truth is reason, truth eternal Tells me I’ve a mother there.

It’s a beautiful song, and has some basic LDS tenets included.  I’m told they are shocking to other religions, but seem perfectly logical and reasonable to me!  I confess, I don’t understand much about other Christian religions, so don’t know their reasoning to find this shocking.  The background to the hymn can be read at Wikipedia and I’m sure the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a website that will also explain it.

Well, I didn’t look for the Church’s explanation, but I did find a page where you can download free MP3’s of the Church’s hymns and children’s songbook, so if you are interested, you could hear the song.  If you have kids, the children’s songbook has many wonderful songs that our son listens to every night to help him sleep.

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~ by byrningbunny on April 7, 2009.

One Response to “Reason”

  1. Gooooooooooooood Morningggggggggggggg (Vietnam). That’s my spur of the moment tribute to Robin Williams.

    I don’t know much about other religions than my own. I bet you didn’t know I was religious. 😛 But anyway.. I’m always open to new ideas and thoughts.

    Hey! Ya know… if you don’t post all week? This post will be on time. Or you could just sign in with this link next week. Or you could write another one. Or you could skip it. LOL!

    I’ll be commenting on the next post down. the Three Things one, too. 🙂

    Right after I guzzle down this first cup of coffee. You’ll wait, right?

    *guzzle guzzle*

    OUCH! HOT!!!

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