Thursday Thirteen: Three Beautiful Things

New Thursday Thirteen

There is a wonderful site, called Three Beautiful Things, that inspired me to attempt to list three of the beautiful things that occur in my life everyday.  I’m not always successful at getting to the computer and posting them, but it has made me much more aware of the beauty that is a part of every one of my days.  As I was contemplating what I would list today (Wub works tonight, I fixed the computer, and BOTH boys are asleep!), I realized that it was just too limiting to only choose three.  So how about a combined post?

We have a regular meeting on Thursday afternoons that we don’t really enjoy.  We usually take the opportunity to do our shopping, since we have to go to one of the bigger (that’s a relative term) towns in our area.  As we rushed out the door today, we forgot to bring the camera!  We realized it quickly and discussed going back, but decided it was not worth it.  Hah!

  1. We saw a golden eagle.
  2. We saw the oddest sight — each of the wooden posts in a paddock fence had a crow sitting on it.  I don’t know how many total there were, but many.  Many.
  3. A herd of mule deer grazing by the road.  We saw them soon enough that my little man actually looked and absorbed the sight.  We saw a white tail deer on the way home.
  4. The snow levels are dropping dramatically.  The water levels are RISING dramatically.  The road by our house is covered by the quickly flowing water, causing some of the speeding trucks a  serious problem.
  5. The river was flowing swiftly, with small chunks of ice.  Wubby told my little man they were ice bergs.  It’s a good thing he didn’t have a clue what she was talking about.  As we drove over the bridge, we were able to clearly see the carving of past water levels and the layers of rock.  Two weeks ago, pictures I took of the river showed it frozen and covered in snow.
  6. We watched a large bird hovering in the field.  I need to research which birds can hover.  It looked like an owl to me, but was probably a hawk.
  7. We saw a number of hawks, each with different markings.
  8. My little man and I took a walk with the dogs.  We checked the water level in our dugout (higher than when we left this morning, but still not over our driveway) and walked to the bridge.  He reminded me that when we were there last, he leaned over and his soother fell out.  Fortunately (!?), when we told him we didn’t have any more soothers, he was able to show Wub a soother he’d hidden in the van.
  9. Our yard is full of blue jays, red polls, blackbirds, , sparrows and crows enjoying the bird seed.  I haven’t seen any red wing blackbirds in our yard today, but we did see them as we drove home.
  10. Wubby was very excited to point out the first swans we’ve seen this year.  The skies were busy, busy, busy today.  Also very noisy.  Ducks, geese and swans were constantly flying overhead and they make such a racket.  The dogs love it!
  11. As my little man was calling me to come upstairs, just one more time, I glanced out the window and saw a grouse.  His neck feathers were very dark and ruffed full.  His tail feathers were spread just like the turkey feathers we used to draw in elementary school.  He was dancing~probably the lek I’ve wanted to see.  I couldn’t hear him through the closed windows and my little man’s yelling.  He was gone when I came back downstairs.
  12. The baby pulled himself up to a standing position today.  It’s funny that you are so excited when they accomplish each new task.  I will be wishing him back on the floor very soon, I’m sure. 🙂
  13. We were able to do paperwork and bill paying together, but we were in two different locations.  We still managed to pay all our bills today.  That’s always a beautiful thing.

I am absolutely sure that I’ve forgotten many things.  Spring is a beautiful time of the year.

There are two new sites for Thursday Thirteen.  Try this one or this one.  Please take the time to visit Three Beautiful Things.

~ by byrningbunny on April 16, 2009.

One Response to “Thursday Thirteen: Three Beautiful Things”

  1. What a beautiful list 🙂 Thanks for sharing it.

    Happy TT


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