We’ve been looking high and low for the darn camera.  High because that’s where I usually stash it so that it doesn’t get dunked in the dishwater again, and low because that’s where my little man would stash it.  Apparently my mistake was looking INSIDE the house!

As my little man was making one of him many entrances through the front door today, I looked up to remind him to shut it behind him to keep the bugs out.  Dangling from his neck was the camera!  I have no idea where he had it hidden, but it was dry and working, so I was thrilled to pry it off his neck (and I did have to persuade him to relinquish it to me.)

The photo above is one of his.  I think it’s an advanced and accomplished self-portrait of my hard-working, fun-loving little man.  Isn’t he talented?

~ by byrningbunny on May 3, 2009.

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