Swans in Spring by LOVESMUKIWA



The swans flock to our neighborhood every year.  The snow has melted and the waters have gone down, which means the farmers have already started working their fields.  Unfortunately this means the swans, geese and many of the ducks are now gone — headed even further North, where there is no farming, only the oil, gas and forestry industries.  It’s a bit of a miracle that these animals have survived so many disruptions to their ecosystems and life cycles.

When the birds start arriving each Spring, the skies are crowded with circling flocks and passing V’s.  Many of them fly very low over our yard and house, making the dogs crazy.  The farmland surrounding us is NOISY, with coos, squawks and loud honking sounds.  The frogs and insects all make their noise appearance at this time too.  Wubby likes to blame all the sleep-stealing noise on the geese and pretend the beauty of swans keeps them blameless.  Ha!  She actually took this photo!  Isn’t it great?

~ by byrningbunny on May 11, 2009.

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