National Foster Care Month: Connections to Success

National Foster Care Month Capitol Event Urges Connections to Success for California’s Children and Youth in Foster Care.

I went to another foster meeting today.  I find them informative and worthwhile, for the most part, but they are often long and take up so much of our time.  Just one more thing about foster parenting of which the general public seems unaware.  I asked in our meeting today for an explanation about why there is no campaign to tell the stories of the good foster parents and the good social workers.  When one considers the number of children in care and then multiplies that by the people who are doing investigations, placements, trainings, etc., one quickly realizes the number of people involved in our systems.  Yet we consistently hear only of the bad parents/workers.

This has got to stop!  So folks, if your child attends school with a foster/kinship placed child, find that foster family and THANK THEM!  Tell them how much you appreciate the fact that they are willing to take in the crazy teenagers that nobody else will touch.  Recognize the fact that we are told at our meetings, “Expect it.  You will face allegations.  All foster parents do.  It is the norm.  It is the population we deal with.”  Know that these people are giving up sleep, vacations, personal time — many of the things we call “quality of life”  — so they can help children in need.  Their intentions are honorable.  Their methods are dictated to them and then scrutinized frequently.   Their lives are not their own.  And they are human and vulnerable.  Please recognize them for what they want to give.  Love, stability and security to the unloved, unstable and insecure.  They may not do as you would, but they have reached out and are doing it.  Let them know they are doing a good job.

And while you are at it, call a social worker or two.  I’m sure you’ll find many burdened with huge case loads who end up working on their own time to take care of their people.  Not because they have to.  They have regular work hours like everyone else.  But because they care!  They are not the people you see in the news everyday.  Those are the exceptions.  So find some way to give some recognition to a job well done.  If you haven’t heard anything about them, they are doing their job perfectly!  Imagine that.

Help me out here.  Find someone to recognize.  🙂

~ by byrningbunny on May 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “National Foster Care Month: Connections to Success”

  1. Yep they deserve our support I am not a carer but a support family for a carer and they do a hard job

  2. I was going for my masters degree in social work when I got sick. I had been teaching special education and saw the need for good people to work with the kids and I wanted to work with kids from a different angle than teaching..You’re right, there isn’t a lot of press about good fosters…..

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