Three Beautiful Things


I saw a crane today. I am pretty sure I saw a flock of them a few weeks ago, but they were too high in the sky to properly identify. Today, I was sure! The dogs were running and had stopped at the beaver pond to peruse someone leftovers. I moseyed ahead a little, in my heated van, and must’ve scared the crane, because he shot up into the sky. they have the gawkiest legs, but it was a beautiful sight.

The feel of the baby sleeping in my arms as I type. He’s definitely a hunk a fudge, but he is so warm, cuddly and solid. What is it about the smell of a baby?

My little man was so cute today when I picked him up. He was entertaining an unhappy baby when I got there. He smoothly transitioned to entertaining me, and then began jabbering away. He jabbered and signed all the way home. Wubby was cracking up because he looked like he was hugging himself, but it was his little man way of making the sign for baby. He was rocking a baby and singing. How absolutely adorable is that?

~ by byrningbunny on May 12, 2009.

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