Three Beautiful Things


1. This began as a three beautiful things post, early yesterday. The computer has been uncooperative since then. BUT, the beautiful thing is that it is now working with me again. That sure reduces my frustration, and that is a beautiful thing! To continue to reduce my frustration, I’ve decided to combine two posts, so I don’t make too many demands on my poor computer. 🙂


2. As I mentioned the other day, with the boys gone for the weekend, I had the morning to wander aimlessly with the pets. They love it and I love taking my camera along to see what I can see. One of the things I saw was this young grouse. I almost stepped on him, poor thing. He just hopped up in this tree and proceeded to pose for me. How often does that happen? Never! Definitely a beautiful thing.


3. The clouds bringing the snow were just beginning to arrive, but overall, it was a bright, sunny morning. We were fairly deep in the wooded area, so I had to be careful of shadows and clouds. The grouse didn’t seem aware of that in the beginning, but by the end, I had coaxed him into turning his face into the light for me. Yay! And the darn camera, which usually focuses 3ft behind, or 3ft in front, but seldom on what I WOULD LIKE to take a picture of, it actually cooperated. Again, Yay! All in all, a beautiful experience.

This is a ruffed grouse. He looks young and immature to me. The family that has been under my kitchen window all winter has moved to the woods so my contact has been reduced to listening to the strange vibrating sound they make when I hear it coming out of the woods. They are similar to spruce grouse, but the eye markings are different, and they raise their ruffs.


The link to Camera Critters is in the above logo, so please click on it to visit other interesting animals from around the world. To follow others who stop and notice the beauty in their days, click on the bottom photo and it will take you to 3BT. Thanks for stopping by.

~ by byrningbunny on May 17, 2009.

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