Book Review: Shimmer

Library Thing Early Reviewers

Shimmer Shimmer by Eric Barnes

My review

I’m so lucky to be a member of the Library Thing Early Reviewer’s Club. Occasionally I will receive free books in the mail, which is the best gift ever, and then I have the opportunity to review them. They actually want to know what I think!

So, I think this is a book worth reading. It’s a book about morals, set in an ultra-modern world. If that makes it sound preachy or moralistic, let me clear that up. It’s NOT. It’s about a young man, responsible for his employees, and he finds himself in a difficult situation. We are privy to all of the quickly played out actions, reactions and counter-plays, and we learn about his motivation as the book progresses.

I’m an action/adventure, sci-fi fan and this book kept my attention all the way through. Even in my totally sleep deprived state (keep in mind that I have two little boys, still not sleeping through the night.  That may have had an influence on my opinion!  :)). So I would definitely recommend this book to those with an interest in similar genre’s.

~ by byrningbunny on May 18, 2009.

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