Three Beautiful Things

2009 05 19 Woodpecker, It's a blizzard out there!1

1.  According to Smithsonian’s Field Guide to the Birds of North America, this is a female, yellow-bellied sapsucker.  Who knew?  Definitely not us!  We have three different books that we were comparing pictures in to make the final decision.  For some reason, I always thought a YELLOW bellied sapsucker would have a much yellower belly!  Go figure.  Anyway, this girl has been working like a demon today, which is remarkable because we’ve been having a freaking blizzard!

2.  Took the dogs on their run tonight and as we reached the beaver pond, we frightened a breeding pair of geese with their gosling!  I don’t know if it was the kiddo’s first flight or not, but he did a fine job!  🙂   And to top it all off, the beaver was cruising around the pond.  Since I’ve never actually seen a beaver at the beaver pond, this was a fine treat.  Especially the part where he slapped his tail on the water.  lol  Guess he doesn’t enjoy our company.

3.  When I returned from the dog run, I heard, “Moo ooo ooom”, being yodeled from the upstairs.  I went upstairs to see what was going on.  My adorable little man asked me to rub his head for him — or so I thought.  He’s been having earaches and headaches lately, so I ASSumed that was what he wanted.  What he really wanted was for me to put the palm of my hand over his eyes so he could give me butterfly kisses!!!  He just giggled and giggled when he tickled my hand.  It’s so easy to bring him joy when we can understand what he wants!  I sure do love my little man and treasure those moments of shared joy.

Click on the above photo to visit the original 3BT site.  To see more pix of the yellow-bellied sap sucker, visit Wub’s blog.  She’ll get around to posting them eventually!  🙂

~ by byrningbunny on May 19, 2009.

One Response to “Three Beautiful Things”

  1. Nice catch..I have never seen one here….

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