Photo Friday: Shiny


There aren’t many shiny things in my preferred photo op locations.  There is usually a large assortment of odds and ends that have been dumped since the beginning of the last century, AND, much to our shock and chagrin, recently!  Shock and chagrin because we ask ourselves, “how can folks be so irresponsible, in this day and age, with all the knowledge we have?!”

There is another side to that though.  We find ourselves drawn to these areas.  We are curious about what was considered junk and what was considered worth saving (just have to look in the old grain sheds.  They are full of “treasure”.)  Some of these things are fun, and if in a safer location, we’d love for the boys to play on/in/with them (the old schoolbus, for instance.)

Today’s contribution is very shiny.  It was dumped here since we’ve moved in.  Someone parked a relatively new F250, took it apart, and left it that way.  I always wonder how they manage to do this without our being aware.  Perhaps we should pay more attention when the dogs bark?

I believe this is the front bumper to the F250.  There are so many other cars over there that it might be from one of them.  Who knows?  The chrome is still shiny enough to hurt your eyes, on the rare occasion that we get bright sunshine.  🙂


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~ by byrningbunny on May 23, 2009.

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