Home again, home again, . . .

It’s been a long while since I’ve managed to even remember I had a blog, let alone sit down and type something.  We’ve had a very busy summer and fall and are still working on settling into winter.  The boys have been relatively healthy this summer and that has been an incredible blessing as we’ve gone through so many changes.  Our eldest has gone through the testing process to be diagnosed.  As usual, being seen by many different specialists, the results were somewhat contradictory.  This is to be expected, I believe, when the poor kid gets bounced from one place to the next without a consistent caregiver/diagnostician. 

We’ve suspected hearing problems for the eldest for a long time, but we’re a little surprised by the latest diagnosis of profound deafness and the need for a cochlear implant.  His speech therapist and teachers are insistent that he can hear and point out his progress with his speech as proof.  (He has been accepted into a special school program to help him adjust to the time when “real” school begins.  His class has 3-5 yr olds in it.  He is the youngest, and the biggest, child in his class.)   At home, he still has good days and bad days and many mixed days.  It’s all a little muddled. 

Neither one of the kids are sleeping tonight.  They’ve been to respite care for the weekend, and the night they come home is always hell.  You spend a great deal of time asking yourself if it’s really worth all the torment to everyone’s life.  The one golden moment after respite is when they come through the door and you see their beautiful little faces and have that instant parental gratification of seeing the little monsters you’ve been missing so much.  🙂

Wubby is upstairs trying to reason with them.  Hmm. . .  Silence!  Apparently her skills are phenomenal, or else they’ve passed out from hyperventilation due to all the screaming and crying.

~ by byrningbunny on November 8, 2009.

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