About Byrning Bunny

I’m a stay-at-home mom/foster parent in a bi-National relationship. We are from two different countries and live in a third, CANADA, which we love. My wife and I celebrate three anniversaries because we couldn’t get married when we lived in the States. The anniversary we seldom remember is our WEDDING! You’d think it would mean more to us since so many people worked so hard to make it happen.

I live in the country and love it and so do all of my pets. The many birds and squirrels I feed daily appreciate having me here. I don’t think the deer appreciate having my dogs here. I received books about the weather, birds, lesbians and gardening as presents this year. I occasionally have time to research our genealogy and love meeting my cousins.

We are in the process of adopting our son, so each day brings new projects/worries on that front. We hope to announce this year that he is officially OUR SON. The circumstances of his birth have created many health issues for him, not the least of which are food allergies. He is allergic to wheat, soy, milk and peanuts, but does not have Celiac’s. This creates some daily challenges and opportunities for learning. So we wait for his adoption to be completed and enjoy him and any fosterlings that may occasionally grace our lives.

Education is important in our family, so we continue, both formally and informally, to learn something new everyday. My partner and I were both involved in organized Christian religion, unfortunately they don’t want us! Imagine that!? So the path to self-understanding and spirituality continues along alternate paths, with just a little sadness that our little guy won’t get to go to Primary and learn all the songs.

I’m looking forward to Spring, so we can begin creating our new garden and paint the barn (and my wife wants to PRUNE.) We have been researching windmills, wood stoves, generators and passive solar for our new (old) home. We’ve also been looking at tractors, quads and snowmobiles! We are currently watching the series 24, from the beginning, since we didn’t watch when it began.

UPDATE: After this winter, I’m sure plumbing and a new roof will move up to the top of our research and wish lists! We’ve finished the first season of 24, but have been slowed down by the reading challenges and video games we got for Christmas.

18 Responses to “About Byrning Bunny”

  1. I see you are researching wood stoves. We bought a Baker’s Choice from Berryhill. It was only $1600 including GST and Shipping and we use it to heat our house and I have been cooking and baking with it almost exclusively all winter.

    Dawn, thanks for the referral! I found it yesterday and sent it on to wubby. We will be discussing it soon, I’m sure. Right now, we are dealing with the leak in the kitchen roof! lol

  2. Interesting. I once wrote a post about certified partnership or wedding here in Sweden.

    That was because we were attending such a wedding. I refuse to call it anything else than wedding 🙂

    Swedish wedding bells tells

    Captain, that was a lovely presentation. They are beautiful girls and you must be so proud of them. Thanks for pointing that out to us. Ours was much more boring, since we’d already had a commitment ceremony. We just wanted to make sure it was all nice and legal to make the immigration process easier.

  3. wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a note….I heat my house via my wood stove…that stove has saved us this winter and last with all the storms and power outages…..hubby and I are seriously considering solar heat or the possibility of wind power……we love to get out on our qauds…and well we got a snowmobile last year but hubby had surgery this past winter and his shoulder is still healing so no snowmobiling this year….hopefully next year…..we are looking forward to getting out on the boat again once his shoulder heals and do some serious fishing…….

    SmalltownRN, I enjoyed your blog and will be dropping by more often. It sounds like you enjoy the country for all the reasons we do! We’ve been wondering about using the windmill to clean our dugout and provide power. We are also interested in the solar possibilities. The only thing holding us back is $. lol This will be a work-in-progress for many years to come, I’m sure. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi BB 🙂
    Nice to meet you! I added your blog to my blogroll and GoogleReader, if that’s okay.
    Love, Tink

    Thank you, Tink. I’m honored!

  5. Thank You for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    My house is a passive solar and on a nice sunny day with the temperature above 32F (0C) my heat does not have to go on during the day. I am thinking about adding Photovoltaic solar panels to my roof.

    About your marriage not being recognized it the States, thing are slowing changing. Yesterday the New York Appellate Court ruled that New York had to recognize Canadian and Massachusetts marriages. Here in Connecticut we are waiting for a decision by the state Supreme Court on marriage equality.

    Hi Diana, that’s great news — both the passive solar and the marriage recognition! lol

  6. what to say? How to comment? I’m only a “Viking” from Norway. My English is OK for daily, tourist use, but it’s still hard to express deeper meanings. Excuse me for this fact.

    You may have discovered I have commented some of your posts. After beeing a blogger since August -06, I’ve learned I can’t be serious if I have too many bloggerfriends. Comment expectations etc. You know. I do in fact have some fantastic bloggerfriends in Canada. Yeah. And a Son living nearby, in Michigan. A visit there will be, I think, in July this year.

    It’s amazing my very good and trusted bloggerfriend from Sweden also did find you.
    See our first real meeting here:
    What else to say, we love to be free, in the Nature. Our Summerhouse, from end of April to mid October. So likes our 2 Cats. We have a canoe, which we use on the lakes and wilderness. Not far from our Summerhouse.

    May we list you on my blogroll?

    TorAa: Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. I loved the story about you and the Captain meeting, and I loved the photos of your summerhouse (buried in snow!) Of course, you may list me on your blogroll. You are now on mine!

  7. Thanks for all your comments this week…what a joy to have them. I’m going to take a big ol’ nap right now to store up for an event tonight (I think you’ll like this….four extremely liberal, agnostic/atheist couples are attending my nephews’ Catholic school’s Drunken Casino Night. Should be a hoot). I’ll respond to your comments on Sunday, most likely.

    I’m trying to stay anonymous on the blog, but I’m an “old” married mom of an 8 year old IVF miracle, straight but passionate about equal rights for all, finding more and more like-minded friends every day here in Texas.

    I teach part-time at my undergrad alma mater when folks go on sabbatical or retire unexpectedly, but when I’m not doing that I drive the minivan and try to pick up freelance writing gigs.

    And that’s my story!

  8. The answer your question, I need an e-mail.


    Done! I think you may have shown me! lol Thanks

  9. I am sorry, too, that your little guy won’t get to go to Primary and learn all the little songs. They are so sweet. Your property sounds wonderful with all the trees and wildlife. I grew up on a farm and I wouldn’t take anything for that.

  10. Hello there,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Where are you located, by the way? I plant stuff outside after June 5, so we’re a bit delayed compared to most of the gardeners in southern Canada.

    I hope your gardening goes well this season!

  11. Hello,
    thank you for your visit and kind comment.
    I have a gardening blog as well..perhaps you want to take a look?
    Guildwood (East-Toronto)
    – Cheers.

  12. Thanks for visiting my Greening the Blue Planet blog. Since you have book challenges, I think you may like my Bonnie’s Books blog:


    If you still have snow, you must be in a cold part of Canada. I’m in Tennessee … in Chattanooga on the southern border, up against Georgia … so we have spring here. Everything is turning green after yesterday’s steady rain.

  13. Hello up there, Bunny…
    I’ve always loved Canada. Thank you for your beautiful comment in my blog. I’m so happy you commented because it led me to yours. I really admire all you’re doing to raise your precious children. You’ve taken on some challenges and I commend you for all you’re doing. Your blog is so rich and full of warmth and information. I’d love to visit you again.

  14. hi…I stopped by because my maiden name is “byrn” and so when I saw your name, just had to pop in from green thumb sunday…loved reading your blog, btw. I am sorry to hear you can’t take your child to primary….how very sad…and one of the reasons I don’t do organized religion anymore…

  15. Thank you for leaving the nice comment on my blog about the snow laden pine tree..I am sorry about the attitude of your church which is one of the reasons that I don’t participate in organized religion. Sigh..I wish you luck on your adoption. My two-stepdaughters and niece are all adopted and my niece’s adoption was difficult because of her health issues and the fact that she is a different race from her now parents. How foolish the state was to make them wait so long. All they had to do was go to one United Nations type family gathering and they would see that many kinds of people can make a loving family.

  16. Thank you for stopping by my blog….yours has been a joy to read! I use wood for heat and wouldn’t use anything else however getting good seasoned wood is a real challenge on my part sometimes 🙂 I also always keep a kettle on the stove so that my morning coffee is never in jeapordy!!
    Smiles :}

  17. P.S. Your SWF sky is beautiful!

  18. I love your site. Keep it up !

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